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Admirals Rum - Tasting Notes

Delicious Red Bank Cider - choose from real cider or a CAMRA SILVER award winning cracking perry - Crackin' Pear - with over 850 x 5 STAR customer REVIEWS and FAST Delivery or "Click or Collect" they're great value!

Admirals Rum Cider

Admirals Rum Cider

Crafted with natural molasses......

The beautiful natural unrefined dark molasses selected, from the island of Mauritius, East of Madagascar, to the Caribbean island of Jamaica, give our Admiral's Rum Cider a depth of flavour and aroma, with hints of vanilla and other spices.

Molasses are a natural product - relatively nutritious sweetener, extracted from sugar cane during the production of refined sugar.

With distinct and rich flavours, molasses have a long history in the making of beverages and enriching many foods, to more recently as a health supplement with its natural combination of vitamins and antioxidant properties.

Depending on the type and quantity, the appearance of Admiral's Rum Cider can vary, often darker in colour, but always with a pleasant rum cask taste!

Benefits of Molasses

##Rich in vitamins and minerals
##Sweetness with a depth of flavour & distinct taste
##Enhances cider flavour
##Enriches colour naturally
##Natural antioxidant properties

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