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Stay up to date with News and What's Hot in the world of real cider & fruit wines via our blog. Check out the delicious cider recipes below and on facebook - they taste great!

Hot Spicy Mulled Cider Recipe

Better than any mulled wine! This hot spicy mulled cider is so easy to make and good for anytime over the winter - from Halloween and Bonfire night to the most festive Christmas!

If you'd like the expresso way to make mulled cider, try our Delicious Mulled Cider Sets

This gorgeous mulled cider recipe with it's wholesome ingredients will warm you up on a cold winters night, filling any room with the aroma of Christmas spice and cheer! Don't worry if you don't have all the ingredients, this recipe is adaptable to suit your taste!

Festive Mulled Cider

1 Litre Autumn Orchard Medium Proper Cider
8 cloves
3 sticks cinnamon or some grated cinnamon
8 Cardamon seeds
Half teaspoon of grated nutmeg
Pinch of all spice
Star Anise
Drop of lemon juice
(Optional - some like ginger too)

Add some brown sugar or Honey or Maple Syrup if required to taste.

Warm up and very gently simmer a large pan of cider (with the lid on) with the spices for 20 minutes (don't over cook as the alcohol will start to boil off at temperatures over 70C) add honey or Maple syrup to taste. Pour through a sieve, place into in a flask if not serving straight away.

Serve with a slice of orange!

Tag @redbankcider in a photo of you and friends on Facebook enjoying your mulled cider!

Crackin' Pear with cinnamon

Crackin' Pear with cinnamon
Crackin Pear is great on it's own, but for the more adventurous you could try this.....

1 table spoon of cinnamon and brown sugar
1 pear - large thin slice
Crackin Pear - aka real pear cider

Mix a spoon of cinnamon and brown sugar on a plate.
On a second plate pour 2-3mm of water and dip the rim of the glass in the water, then dip into the cinnamon and sugar.

Add a few cubes of ice in to the glass with a few slices of pear and top up with Crackin Pear!

Tag @redbankcider in a photo of you and friends on Facebook enjoying Crackin Pear!
Red Bank Cider Wins Platinum - Feefo Customer Services Awards 2020

Red Bank Cider Wins Platinum - Feefo Customer Services Awards 2020

We're delighted to start 2020 on a high - winning a prestigious Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo. Platinum Trusted Service awards are unique as they're awarded only to those who have met the Feefo GOLD star standard for 5 Star ratings annually for an amazing three consecutive years, all THANKS to our CUSTOMERS for putting great reviews on!

Work Experience Day for Bolton Tower FM's Jon Holling!

This is a great little video courtesy of Tower FM, Bolton. so take 5 minutes out, pump up the volume and enjoy Jon Holling's Work Experience Wednesday at Red Bank Cider....

It's always interesting when a trainee arrives in any job, they often have an idea how things should be in their own mind - as we found out when Jon arrived for his work experience at Red Bank Cider....things didn't quite go to plan...

Tower FM Work Experience Wednesday!

Red Bank Cider at Westminster

Red Bank Cider at Westminster
Looking back on an amazing day at Westminster, we met many people including the UK Treasury and it seems that what we asked for was actually brought into UK tax law in 2023 the Alcohol Duty was changed. Click for the FULL STORY & MORE PHOTOS

Lancashire Day at the House of Commons

Red Bank Cider was one of several fine food and drink businesses from Lancashire, invited by Marketing Lancashire to promote their produce in the House of Commons as part of their Taste Lancashire campaign on the run up to Christmas!

With all that's going on, we thought they'd be ready for a taste of our cider and they loved it!

During the day, Lee - a former pupil of Haslingden High School a science buff since his school days met met TV presenter Johnny Ball, President. It was amazing to learn, having grown up in Bolton Johnny is a keen supporter of all things Lancashire. "Lovely" he commented whilst he enjoyed a taste of Red Bank's Autumn Orchard cider!

As the Christmas festivities approach it was a perfect time for us to showcase our range of craft cider Christmas gifts and real cider boxes! Also at this busy time, as more online buyers are at risk of counterfeit products with health risks or tax evading fakes, it's reassuring for customers to know their cider is natural and authentic!

More about Lancashire Day in the Bolton Evening News Cider with Johnny Ball

Pot of Mussels

Pot of mussels for 4 people - Based on a recipe posted on Facebook by J'aime la Normandie, Caen, France

400ml of raw cider (from Pays d'Auge, Normandy)
30-40 mussels
1 minces shallot and 1 onion
Tablespoon of chopped parsley
2 teaspoons of peanut oil
1 little bouquet garni
1 egg yolk
Couple of Bay leaves
10 cl of farm fresh cream (or liquid)
100 g of butter soft - walnut butter?
1 Granny Smith Apple

In a casserole dish, pour a couple of tablespoons of oil and go back to high heat with the bay leaves.

Put in the cleaned mussels and stir for a few minutes with the onion and minced shallot. As soon as the mussels are open, add a glass of raw cider and a beautiful walnut butter and the bouquet garni.

Poach slowly for about 1 MINUTE (mussels should not boil as they will become rubbery).
Remove the mussels in the skimmer and put them into a casserole dish or individual pots for serving.

Slightly reduce the sauce on higher heat. Add the cream blended with the egg yolk, add pepper, simmer. Add the apple cut into julienne or into small cubes.

Pour over the mussels in the casserole dish or serving pots.
Add chopped parsley
Serve nice and hot

Full credits for recipe / photo to originator - posted on facebook by J'aime la Normandie, Caen, France

The Pays d'Auge is in Normandy, between Calvados and Orne, the main town is Lisieux.

Behind the scenes during lockdown

In this post....

Health & Wellbeing
Contactless Service
Online Ordering Tips
Behind the scenes
Charity work

There's a saying "Don't wait to dig a well after you are already thirsty" which applies to so many things - including our health and wellbeing.

Keeping fit, maintaining our immune system, working hard to reduce stress might seem a strange thing to mention here, but it's vital to build up reserves and keep our bodies healthy and in optimal health. Keeping fully charged when there is so much disease around is not easy, and it's great to see people taking this time to reflect on their own health and the wellbeing of others.

Keeping safe and well is paramount and our "Contactless Service" has been well received by our customers in these difficult times. Customers have been really supportive of small businesses. Many customers have supplies delivered safely to their door. We do this at cost, allowing for minimum wage and transport. We see others doing FREE DELIVERY but we don't overcharge on groceries to cover it. We've kept our prices the same - our award winning real ciders at £2.55 a pint are a bargain already but for those who wish, they can save on delivery plus get an additional 5% off by collecting! Simply order on our secure web site....

Online ordering is simple but it can be even quicker when we know what to do!

We want to make it as easy as possible so whether you're a wiz or new to online ordering, please just take two minutes to read our online ordering guide... click here for our ONLINE HELP GUIDE

Behind the scenes as well making ordering fast and secure, we've built up a great working relationship with our suppliers - when warehouses are closed or have reduced staffing and suppliers impose limits to purchases, we've been able to replenish stocks of everything from boxes and packaging to Prosecco - avoiding any "Out of Stock" disappointments.

This is not time to put our heads in the sand. Let's not forget the wonderful charity work that goes on in our communities and all the selfless people who do this. Lots of people still need our support during these terrible times and our customers are continuing to raise money for our chosen charity every time someone buys a Red Bank Cider chalice glass as a gift.

A warm thank you to all those who are supporting small businesses and who are working hard to keep the world spinning! We're all thinking about the restrictions being lifted and being able to join our friends in the local pub is something to look forward to - we might even see you at the Levers Arms!

.... in the meantime, enjoy a nice glass of cider, thanks for reading, and stay safe!

Lee (Manager)

Our Favourite Cider Reviews

On asking a customer if they'd tried our cider before their reply was "No, Red Bank Cider was recommended by a group of friends in Devon - they'd had a cider tasting do and Red Bank Cider was the WINNER in the blind tasting!"
T Cotton 23/9/2022

"Purchased as a Birthday present - the recipient was delighted! She said they actually tasted of Apples, not like pub ciders, and the fruit blends really worked"
Roger Ayre - Feefo Review 14/7/2022

"FAST DELIVERY SERVICE and top quality cider. Would highly recommend"
Vin Baldwin 19/3/2020

Bolton Lads and Girls Club

As a local family business we're proud to "do our bit" for the community and what better way than helping the young people of Bolton get a better start in life.

With the help of our customers, we've been raising funds from the selling of our "Crafted in Bolton" cider glasses.

On Thursday 2nd August 2018 we were delighted to present a "big" cheque to Kelly McFadden - Fundraising Manager at Bolton Lads and Girls Club on behalf or Red Bank Cider.

We look forward to continuing to support this great local charity which makes such a difference - and is often a lifeline to children and families in and around Bolton.

Thank you everyone!

Photo : Kelly McFadden, Anita Thorne, Lee Thorne, Megan Thorne

10 Best Selling Ciders Online with 5 Star Reviews

Top 10 - Most popular best selling Ciders with 5 Star Reviews!

This interesting top 10 features a new entry at No.9 - a real cider plus Raspberry combo - which was the first cider to sell out at CAMRA's Great British Bear Festival 2017.

Red Banks rather exceptional fruit combo ciders have only been surpassed this year by No.7's Cracking Pear & Elderflower leaping in this year with an exquisite combination of taste - perfect for any party!

At position 6 - Red Bank Ciders - best of English Vintage Dry / still, remains popular with the serious cider lover - the low sugar option, it's dryness is reminiscent of a nice whiskey!

At No. 2 & 3 Red Bank Ciders Medium Ciders are firmly in the top 3, whilst steady at the helm, Red Bank Ciders Admiral Rum flavoured cider is as popular as ever in No.1 leading best selling cider!

  1. No. 1: Admirals' Rum!
  2. No. 2: Medium (500ml bottle)
  3. No. 3: Autumn Orchard Proper Cider - medium draught 4.9 Litre Bag in Box
  4. No. 4: Blueberry (bottle)
  5. No. 5: Strawberry (bottle)
  6. No. 6: Vintage Dry (bottle)
  7. No. 7: Crackin' Pear & Elderflower - draught 4.9 Litre Box
  8. No. 8: Fruit Combo real ciders - 4.9L Box - Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry
  9. No. 9: Raspberry (bottle)
  10. No. 10 Crackin' Pear Perry Cider - draught 4.9 Litre Bag in Box
Feefo Customer Review of the Year

Feefo Customer Review of the Year

Wow! Thank you to Stuart Campbell - winner of the "Review of the Year" - kindly drawn by K Robinson when she called in - and a big thanks to all our customers for supporting real cider and submitting reviews - quality matters - we've now received over 850+ FIVE STAR Reviews! AMAZING!

Keep spreading the word and keeping coming - we've some great deals on wines, cider boxes and gifts - and your support for quality cider is vital.

Punchy Pimm's & Real Cider Cocktails!

Punchy Pimm's & Real Cider Cocktails!
Nothing is more British on a sunny summer day than a refreshing glass of Pimms & Red Bank's Real Cider! A refreshing drink with a twist and personality!

It's as simple as 2-3-5 - FOR ONE PITCHER & A GLASS ....
200ml Pimm's
300ml lemonade - or for champagne or Prosecco "Pimm's Royale"
500ml Red Bank Cider - Real Cider eg Autumn Orchard, Early Harvest, Juicy Woosey - Summer Fruits

4 fresh mint leaves
Chopped strawberries, sliced orange or lime, apple, pear, cucumber
Ice cubes

SIMPLY THE PERFECT CIDER PIMM'S - this will make enough for a 1L pitcher plus a glass or two!

Fill half of pitcher with ice, drop in the mint and chopped fruit and cucumber, pour in the Pimm's, top with lemonade and cider and stir.

Keep the ratio to no less than one 5th Pimm's (to a quarter) 3-4 parts lemonade & real cider.


Gordons Pink Gin Rosé Prosecco Cocktail Fill two large glasses with ice, add the gin, lemonade, top up with Ros Prosecco, garnish with the strawberries!

Safe Online Ordering - PSD2 Update May 2021

We're delighted to confirm all our online systems / protocols have been checked and upgraded in May 2021 to comply with the new Payment Service Directive v2 (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) 3D Security protocols - as required in the UK from the 1st June 2021.

At Red Bank Cider security is paramount and we've taken the following steps to ensure online security:-

1/ We regularly review our policies and software to give 100% confidence that you can order safely from Red Bank Cider

2/ Your online orders are fully encrypted - even ISP system staff cannot access your order and our site doesn't collect / store your card details

3/ We use the latest version of Sellerdeck's robust e-commerce platform built by one of oldest e-commerce companies (est.1994 10+ years before Shopify and Amazon) which complys with current security protocols

4/ All our systems have EU based cybersecurity software delivering best-in-class security including anti-malware, ransonware protection, threat prevention, detection, and response solutions in the industry.

5/ We meet strict compliance rules including General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to protect your data. We're registered with the ICO registration number: ZA748460

6/ Payments by credit or debit cards are processed by 2 leading Card Payment Merchants - WorldPay & Paypal; and their Payment Gateways meet the :-
Payment Service Directive v2 (PSD2)
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) 3D Security protocols
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
Feefo Cusomer Service Awards GOLD 2017 2018 2019

Feefo Cusomer Service Awards GOLD 2017 2018 2019

Bury & Bolton Business Finalists!

Red Bank cider were delighted to be Finalists in Bury & Bolton's Start-Up Business of the year -full details of the awards in the Bury Times and the Bolton Evening News!

In-Cider News!

Congratulations to CAMRA on it's 40th Great British Beer Festival - several barrels of Red Bank Cider finest cider were well received at this, the UK's largest beer and cider festival.

Two of our fruit combo ciders made with award winning Autumn Orchard were available on the bar and were the 1st ciders to sell out!

Blueberry - lots of great comments including "it's a rarity to find such a well balanced cider" "the acidity and sweetness is just perfect! "it's very good - it's profile hits the spot!" RV 10/8/17

Some great 4+ Reviews from the Great British Beer Festival were posted on for our Raspberry cider too!

Very Proud!

Inspirational Real Cider Recipes

Autumn Orchard real cider is one of the best of the Red Bank Cider range to inspire you in the kitchen! Who would argue about swapping the wine for the finest real apple cider!

Here's one of our favourite BBC sites with 18 tasty ideas and fantastic dishes to inspire you

From fine fish or seafood to chicken & cider fricassee with parsley croutes, or cider, mustard & herb chicken, there are many more dishes to enjoy....

Thirst Quenchers in Northern Life!

Several of Red Bank Ciders' Thirst Quenchers feature in the June/July 2017 Edition of Northern Life - foodie bites - look out for this at the airport, supermarket and many more outlets or right click on the photo to open a new window and order yourself a regular copy...

Real Cider Producer & Wholesaler Tops 2000 Pints in a Week!

The last week in April 2017 saw Bolton & Bury based Red Bank Cider, selling an amazing 2000 pints of real cider in just 1 week!

As a real cider producer and wholesaler we offer our festival customers sale or return - so they don't have to worry about running out of the good stuff! We were delighted all the local pub festivals were sold out before Bank Holiday Monday! It's been our busiest 4th year!

Festivals help spread the word about real cider - most people in Lancashire haven't even tried real cider and are amazed when they get to try some of the best real cider around as it tastes miles better than they could ever believe!

Everyone remembers a bad pint and many, including the younger generation are now getting wise to what is and what isn't proper cider; luckily good quality real cider (without artificials sweeteners and colours) has people coming back for more, so there's a growing following at festivals and on social media.

Red Bank's Real Ciders now have some top ranking real ciders with over 300+ independant ratings. Lots of independent 4 & 5 Star Ratings and real cider reviews can be seen on Feefo,, Facebook & Trip Advisor!

Red Bank Cider in Madeira!

Red Bank Cider in Madeira!
Ever looking for the worlds best real cider, a holiday to the Island of Madeira wouldn't be complete without a trip to the welcoming mountain market village of Santa Da Serra. Known for it's Sunday markets and Festivals, and it locally made real cider, or Sidra as it's called in Portugese Madeira.

There is a long tradition of Sidra making in Madeira, Sidra (Cidra is a Madeiran cake by the way) has been made for centuries in Madeira, with its rich volcanic soils and usually plentiful rain and sunshine it would be ideal for growing apples - apart from the almost relentless wind that is, which can devastate even the hardiest crops.

Just over an hour on a No.78 bus takes you past the notoriously small airport runway high up into the hills to an unexpectedly large market, with dozens of small stalls including quite a few selling "Homemade" real traditional cider.

A couple of small producers we talked to made around 400 Litres of real cider per year. The cider is pretty "zesty" in terms of acidity so it is best sweetened with sugar or the locally produced honey. If you love the dryest tartiest ciders, you can certainly find them here! Low sugar - you've got it!

Photo - One of the best tasting was found at the stall above, nice medium cider with lots of fruity aromas and fruity tastes coming through. Photo - Lee enjoying a glass or two with local chaps Jolie and Lussi who's favourite local drink was Courtado - a hot Maderia Wine Americano Coffee!

More details and photos of this Real Maderian Cider will be uploaded soon!

Cider News

Cider News
We're now in our 4th year! We've come a long way.....our web site is taking more sales every week.....
and our customers have posted 30+ five star reviews on forums such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, and 130 Reviews on Feedback on individual products purchased is also building up on Feefo - Feefo ratings are as independant as they get - and cannot be bought online or on Ebay!

We hope this'll give people confidence to give real cider a go! Many wine drinkers are really surprised how good our real cider is! Reading some of our customer reviews can leave our customers in no doubt that our cider is as good as we hope to make!

See our latest Video Review by Bolton Live - Red Bank Cider at the Bolton Food & Drink Festival Click Here
We've also busy time with festivals this Spring & Summer - including the fantastic Last Drop Village 12th-14th August 2016 where the full range of Red Bank Ciders sold out!

Other festivals include Bolton CAMRA's Beer Festival at Ukrainian Club, Little Lever Cricket Club, plus many more including Manchester CAMRA's Left Bank Cider & Real Ale Festival in July. It's a great way for clubs to raise funds and create a vibrant fun atmosphere!

Our new ciders - Raspberry - is proving really popular - almost as popular as the Strawberry! Also we've received rave comments about our Crackin' Pear - Perry & Elderflower - lots "I want to buy some!" comments - this is a limited edition our late summer - click to reserve your box now!

We've some new ciders "fresh out the barrel" so come down to Red Bank soon & have have drink with us soon!

Free Cider Taster Sessions!

Free Cider Taster Sessions!
If you've never tasted real cider, then a visit to Red Bank is a must to try - free of charge our range of ciders! Many "non cider" drinkers are surprised to find that real cider is a nice alternative to their usual tipple!

For example many real ale and lager drinkers like the double award winning Admiral's Rum Flavoured Cider. Cider and perry it is also a hit with many quality wine drinkers - and at half the abv its great with food too!

We hope to have several Meet the Cider Producer evenings in 2016 at Red Bank, but you are welcome to pop in to see us Fridays & Saturdays - we also have a great selection of wines and real ales!
Customer Reviews & Videos

Customer Reviews & Videos

On a nice evening, what could be better than relaxing with a nice glass of real cider - try a few cubes of ice and a bottle of vintage dry cider!

Here's Chris enjoying a bottle of real cider whilst making a YouTube video Red Bank Cider - Vintage Dry - Review by Chris from formerly Crafty Ales

We'd love to see your own festival or cider YouTube review - please let us know and add it to our Feefo too!


Check out independant reviews at UNTAPPD.COM Red Bank Real Cider Strawberry

Great review about our Admiral's Rum Cider UNTAPPD.COM Red Bank Real Cider Admiral's Rum

They love the blueberry cider too! UNTAPPD.COM Red Bank Real Cider Blueberry

More reviews for Medium Cider are here UNTAPPD.COM Red Bank Real Cider Medium (Med/Sweet)

Once you've tried our cider, why not do your own review on google or facebook. We have a monthly competition for the best photo featuring Red Bank Cider!

Name the Cider with Real Radio XS - Win Cider & VIP Tickets!

Name the Cider with Real Radio XS - Win Cider & VIP Tickets!
Early in 2015 Red Bank teamed up with Real Radio XS, Manchester, and Stockport Beer & Cider Festival. Red Bank Cider produced some very special real ciders including a Real XS cider which was named by the winner as "Scrumpin' Jack Flash".

Steve Berry chose this seriously great tasting Red Bank Cider "still" cider with an ABV of 8% - smooth with a lovely cider apple aroma, and a nice after taste which will tempt you and wine lovers too! The winner received a box of cider and VIP tickets to the 29th Stockport Beer & Cider Festival.

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