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Frequently Asked Questions

Click & Collect Help

Click & Collect Help

We take security very seriously, as well as a secure web site (you'll see a padlock) we use a secure payment system at CHECKOUT you will see below the PAYPAL login - there is an OPTION TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD.


If you are collecting your cider, wine or beer order, click on the arrow to the the right, then at the bottom you should see the option to select "Pay Online & Collect in Person"


We're able to deliver to another address for birthday gifts etc. Look out for the Tick box [ x ] and you will then see two columns, one for the invoice address and one for the delivery address.


Paypal copies the cardholders Invoice Address into Delivery Address at the payment stage. It then needs to be changed back manually by the user. We recommend use WorldPay secure payment option instead.

Click & Collect or FAST DELIVERY to your door!


As well as a FAST cider and wine DELIVERY SERVICE to reduce the spread of Corona Virus we've got CONTACTLESS ordering & DRIVE THRU ....


"Wine - Great service and packaging. Thanks for the Pear and Elderflower..Stunning! Just had it in the garden..very good indeed.. My husband was well impressed, not easily done!" N.Hewitt via email 10.4.2020 (Cornwall)
"Fantastic fast efficient service. Well packed and excellent Prosecco" Customer review - Feb 2020"
"This is the second time I have ordered from Red Bank. Communication & delivery are Top Notch" Customer Review via Feefo - March 2020
"Happy customer! Was pleased to find what I wanted at Red Bank. Ordered online, great service, quick home delivery, well packaged" Customer Feefo Review Feb 2020
"Great service and speedy delivery" Customer Feefo Review 6th April 2020
"Fast delivery service and top quality cider" Vin Baldwin 16.3.2020
For full customer reviews - click on the Feefo link....

Simply order and pay online as before.
Collect using our Drive Through Service as below.....
Place your order as early as possible so we have time to make your order fresh for you

When you arrive, open you boot and stay in your car and ring 01204 389291 with your order details. We will come out to you and place your order in your boot.

FAST DELIVERY SERVICE - Ordering as usual
Order & pay online and we'll delivery to your door step - speedy service - should be with you next day or day after at the latest. We can fit 3x 4.9L boxes of cider, perry or fruit combination ciders into one box!

We also supply Brightside real ales, Prosecco and Wines. We have supplies of organic apple juice, apple tea and a range of gluten free products.

Life can be busy so we're flexible!


Reserve your cider, wine or beers on our secure web site - and we'll get your order ready for collection. Whilst we keep some cider boxes ready most are MADE FRESH so please order a few days in advance if possible. Opening hours are shown on our Home page & FaceBook. Our shop number is 01204 389 291 (during opening times). Please bring your receipt plus ID if under 25


Place your order and we'll deliver to your door! Our deliveries are pretty fast - usually next day if we get your order before lunch time, or the day after at the latest to mainland UK, for elsewhere please contact us and we'll see what we can do. Bottles are available in 3's, 6's or 12's, and 24's (e.g. 4 cases).

Bottles are packed safe and snug into air-pak bags.


If you want a 4.9L box we can fit 3 into one delivery - so please pass on the saving FREE DELIVERY ON 2ND & 3RD BOX, it's a good opportunity to meet up / share / split a cider order with a friend or two!

Our bag in boxes can be recycled. One 5L box is the almost equivalent to 10 x 500ml bottles, so as well as keeping products fresher (unlike an opened bottle, no air gets in) it is one of the most compact and environmentally sound options for beverages!

FAQ's Recycling

Bag in Box Packaging

Bag-in-Box has around 8 times lower carbon footprint than glass bottles. Unlike smaller PET bottles or snack packs, Bag-in-Box are not among the plastic products frequently found on beaches or generally in the environment.

The concept is not only more economical, but is greener! A low packaging to high amount of product ratio (a 5L box is the equivalent of 10x 500ml bottles with tops etc.) the inner plastic can be easily seperated from the card board outer and, if there are no specific plastic recycling options availablle near you, can usually be placed in the general waste for energy production. In our local area, the general waste from homes is delivered to a mechanical treatment facility in Greater Manchester. The waste is shredded and then transported by train to the Energy Recovery facility in Runcorn. There is a similar power plant in Raikes Lane, Bolton.

On balance, bag in box packaging is a great way to save energy and reduce C02 emissions, with its lower food to packaging weight. One truck transporting 5 litre bags and boxes is equivalent to more than 7 trucks transporting 75cL bottles, and all the fuel and C02 emissions associated, plus there is is breakage, less waste due to long shelf live and no air spoilage. Outer can also be stored, compressed flat and recycled easily as most authorities are able to process cardboad.

More Info :

Packaging for deliveries

Bottles are packed safe and snug into air-pak bags and cardboard box outer. Inflatable packaging is one of the most effective methods for protecting fragile items in transit, with zero low levels of breakages. achieved by customers over a period of an entire year. That’s a significant reduction in hassle and wasteful replacements.

Once inflated, Air-paks consist of only 2% plastic and 98% air - they're pretty much as light as air! Air-paks are therefore having a positive effect on reducing our carbon footprint by lightening the load.

How can I deflate an AirPack?
It’s simple. Carefully cut through the bag with a pair of scissors, screw the AirPack up and place into your recycling bin. They'll squash down to 2% of the size!

What happens if an AirPack gets punctured?
Even if one or more air chambers becomes punctured the adjacent chambers remain inflated and the goods remain protected.

Are AirPacks Recyclable?
Yes our AirPaks are 100% Recyclable.

Are they suitable for use and transportation on Aircraft?
Yes. They can be re-used for your own packaging use.

AirPak inflatable bags are made from PET LDPE 4 material, which is 100% recyclable. LDPE plastics are beginning to be accepted through kerbside recycling schemes, but there is still a way to go in improving the understanding of which types of plastic can be recycled, such as yoghurt pots and plastic trays.

When it comes to protective packaging, there are a number of other environmental benefits for plastic over paper, but reducing the weight of deliveries is a key part as our packaging is lower weight than the alternatives.

There is also a very minimal amount of plastic, and switching to paper or cardboard and other alternatives is not the simple green solution some may think, as the energy required to produce a paper bag is between four to fives more than a plastic bag, both production processes require water, but paper production is a particularly water intensive process, using approximately 15 times more water and paper manufacturing generates 80% more greenhouse gas emissions than plastic bags.


Protecting our ENVIRONMENT - 4 aspects of our big "TO DO LIST"

How we plan to make a difference....

Use less, recycle & reduce our demands on resources & energy

Support local business & reduce "food miles"

Buy from ethical suppliers who "look after" their workers & their environment

Have a positive effect on our natural heritage & global environment

Latest Updates - Walking the talk!

March 2021 - We've worked with the Friends of Seven Acres - providing trees for planting and other works
21st April 2021 - We've contacted DS Smith who make our Bag in Boxes with a view to setting up a local collection point for the plastic inner recycling

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