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Crackin’ Pear & Elderflower 20 Llitres

Crackin Pear & Elderflower 20 Llitres

Crackin Pear & Elderflower 20 Llitres

Ref: 59 - ABV: 4%


Adding real Elderflower to our award winning Crackin' Pear has made one of our best! Perry & Elderflower - a rare an exceptional drink!
Taste testing feed back comments include "that tastes fantastic, it's so refreshing!" "An explosion of taste!" "I'll take a box right now!"

Well now's it's here, so reserve a box!

Seriously, this is a great natrual choice as it's made simply with pears & elderflower. No artificials - which is a great alternative in the world full of flavoured chemical cordials.

Available in a 20L box - equivalent to 36 pints - ideal on it's own or with food as an alternative to white wine.

Made naturally - straight from Pear and Elderflower trees! Not like those chemical cordial immitations!
"Still" like wine
Low/Zero Sulphites
Made from freshly pressed whole English pears - our Crackin Pear won Silver & "Perry of the Festival" Greater Manchester CAMRA 2014

20L draught boxes - ideal for bars, festivals and weddings as an alternative to white wine

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