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Crackin' Pear & Elderflower Wedding Reception

Crackin' Pear & Elderflower Wedding Reception

Ref: Wedding - ABV: 4%


Elderflower! It's great to see our Royal's showcasing one of nicest flavours and edible flowers that grows naturally in England - highlighting the best of food seasonality, sustainability and provenance - by Royal Appointment of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!

Elderflowers (Sambucus) have been used since Roman times in baking and in beverages. Their fresh star like honey scented blossoms of Elderflower are one of first signs of the English Summer, so when Kensington Palace anounced Prince Harry's & Meghan's choice of a Lemon and Elderflower Royal Wedding Cake, everyone must of agreed that was a great choice!

Red Bank's Crackin Pear & Elderflower perry has a crisp, palate-cleansing finish, and whilst Red Bank Cider could only dream about such a Royal Appointment, Crackin Pear is the perfect choice for your wedding reception drink!

The creamy white flower heads of elderflower give a lovely fresh crisp taste which infuses readily with lovely pear cider - or perry as it's traditionally known, producing a sophisticated "Explosion of Taste" with lovely pear, citrus and sweet elderflower flavours.

Available in a 10L box, it goes well with food as well as an alternative to wine. Made from freshly pressed whole English pears - our Crackin' Pear won Silver & "Perry of the Festival" Greater Manchester CAMRA 2014. For those which enjoy a sophisticated coktail - it's great with Prosecco too!

15+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS Feedback from customers who've bought Crackin' Pear & Elderflower Cider

Chef Ptak - of London based Violet Bakery must have been delighted at being selected to produce Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake following the Royal Engagement! It just shows you can't go wrong with quality ingredients!

Also available Crackin' Pear & Elderflower Cider = 4.9L 8.6 pint

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