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Early Harvest Real Cider 20 Litres (35 Pint) TRADE BOX

Early Harvest Real Cider 20 Litres (35 Pint) TRADE BOX

Ref: EH2O1


Early Harvest Real Cider 20L Litres (8.6 pints) Medium - excellent value boxes - only £2.32 a pint!

Delicious tasting dry cider - minimal added sugar - straight from the 'cask' - crafted traditionally our locally crafted cider is 'Still' like a glass of wine and contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings.

With such an exceptional flavour, this cider is also great for cooking!

"Still" like wine
Zero Sulphites - no pasturisation
Not from processed concentrate
Made from freshly pressed whole English apples
No artificial sweeteners
Minimal added sugar!

FREE DELIVERY on any 2nd Box - eg. Perry, Autumn Orchard etc

We can deliver direct to your door saving you time and fuel costs - Cider is great for sharing so why not order some for your friends! You can mix and match, and don't forget the Crackin' Pear Perry!

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