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Red Bank Cider Festivals and Charities

Red Bank Cider Festivals and Charities
At Red Bank Cider we're passionate about capturing the natural goodness of freshly pressed English apples to create mouth watering cider!

Our belief is that everyone deserves a decent pint, but often there's a long way to go to find one! In this belief, lies our mission....

We love challenging the status-quo of the cider world, by letting people taste quality cider and seeing how outstandingly good real cider is, compared with manufactured "cider". To us, a decent pint is one which is crafted as naturally as possible with freshly pressed whole fruit, fermented and matured for at least 9 months, with no added colours or artificial sweeteners!

Our passion for capturing all the natural goodness of English apples creates the mouth watering cider that our customers enjoy.

Why is Red Bank Ciders real cider so important to charities and festival organisers?

As it naturally tastes great it reflects on your event. Cheap cider puts people off and gives returning events a bad reputation - furry teeth and a memorable hangover from brightly coloured ciders made with artificial sweetners and sulphites isn't good for fund raising.

We work with you - saving you the embarrasmment of running dry 6pm on a Saturday night!

Red Bank Cider is great value, available to fund raisers and charities at cost.

Real cider is continuing to sky rocket with more interest in fruit cider varieties and "combination ciders" than ever before!

Why is cider is bucking the trend?

60% consumers claim cider is more refreshing.
Half say it has a fresher taste, whilst 44% prefer its sweeter taste, 27% drink it for a change.
One in five (21%) claim its less gassy than lager.
Revealingly, 17% say that they like that it tastes less alcoholic than lager, which reflects the desire among younger consumers, new to drinking, to have a more palatable option.

Refreshment and freshness in cider are especially popular among over-35 drinkers, whereas under-35's have been most attracted by cider's variety of sweet flavours.

This means that 18-34 year-olds tend to adopt a 'mix and match' approach to cider, drinking a combination of pear, apple and other fruit flavoured ciders (such as strawberry), while older consumers still prefer apple.

Younger consumers prefer sparkling ciders to "still" ciders, and are attracted to the sweeter-tasting non-apple ciders, through brand marketing of flavour innovations and are often "hooked" due to their addiction to overly sweet beverages (often with the equivalent of 13-14 sugars cubes in!).

Red Bank Cider offer a range of draught and sparkling bottled ciders to meet the preferences of the above, but it's genuine real cider - without all the chemicals, bright colours and hangovers that put people off from supporting your future events. Beware, you can't go wrong with quality!

For more info or a free quote - email your requirements or contact us now!
Our Big to Do List

Our Big to Do List

OUR BIG "TO DO LIST" How we plan to make a difference!

Encourage healthy lifestyles & awareness of wholesome natural fruit wines and ciders

Use less, recycle & reduce our demands on resources & energy

Support local business & reduce "food miles"

Buy from ethical suppliers who "look after" their workers & their environment

Help to improve lives in our local community by focussing fund raising activities with a local charity

Have a positive effect on our natural heritage & global environment
Red Bank's chosen Charity

Red Bank's chosen Charity

Our Committment to supporting great work

Red Bank Cider has selected to work with one of the main charities close to us - Bolton Lads and Girls Club, and help support the fantastic work that goes on improving the lives of children and their families who, through no fault of their own, struggle with things we often take for granted.

We are pleased to help support other charities by providing our popular ciders at cost (and sale or return) which is great for your fund raising events. Please get in touch for details.

Festival Organisers

Why Red Bank Cider?

Our cider is often the first to sell out! Most people find our real cider tastes better! Lower in fizz, not too sweet and sugary - just fruity! Quality that any sponsor will be proud to be associated with!

You don't need to worry about running out - we are local and offer sale or return for safely returned produce.

People love a local product - our cider has lower food miles and low carbon footprint, it's also got tracability and 'no artificials'.

The potential for growth is staggering - the appeal to wine drinkers, women and younger consumers is an important consideration for fund raising and event organisers.

Available in bottles or draught boxes or barrels for pumps, we can provide point of sale material and help and support.

If you have any questions please call Lee Thorne for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Example Festival: Edgworth Real Ale Festival

Great example of a range of real ales and ciders - and great graphics - click here... Edgworth Real Ale Festival

Also please see our social media dashboard for details of social media coverage we can help generate for your event.

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