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Juicy Woosey - Boxes - 10 Litres (17.6 pints)

Juicy Woosey - Boxes - 10 Litres (17.6 pints)

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Proper Cider Box crafted from crushed fruit - not from concentrate - crammed with fruit, this is an exceptionally wholesome cider! Not too sweet!

Crafted traditionally from our award winning real cider, our locally crafted English Proper Cider contains no artificials! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is gluten free. Juicy Woosey contains pomegranate, grapes, squeezed citrus fruits, raspberry, tropical fruit including banana, acai berries, and blueberries, and freshly pressed English apples! All made from ethical suppliers. As the above is made from fresh pressed fruit - made fresh to order so please order a few days in advance. Reserve your box now - this cider takes several days to infuse all the fruits. Made fresh - please allow a few days. Quality takes time!

Keep refrigerated at 4-5C
Best before date - 2 weeks
Reserve your box now!

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