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There's an untapped market - around a third (34%) of alcohol drinkers who do not drink cider claim that it 'never occured to them to' rather than them actually not liking it.

At Red Bank Cider we're passionate about capturing the natural goodness of freshly pressed English apples to create mouth watering cider!

The idea for Red Bank cider came in 2012, we wanted a change, and being Bolton and Bury's 1st cider maker, was definitely something different!

Our belief is that everyone deserves a decent pint, but often there's a long way to go to find one! In this belief, lies our mission....

We love challenging the status-quo of the cider world, by letting people taste quality cider and seeing how outstandingly good real cider is, compared with manufactured "cider". To us, a decent pint is one which is crafted as naturally as possible with freshly pressed whole fruit, fermented and matured for at least 9 months, with no added colours or artificial sweeteners!

Our passion for capturing all the natural goodness of English apples creates the mouth watering cider that our customers enjoy.


It's a win - win - you save ££ by buying direct from the producer!

You get 5 Star rated service

Its a growing trend, meeting the growing demand for craft award winning cider and perry

You gain unique product loyalty as your customers grow to like real cider

It's English, free from artificial sweeteners and colours, and vegetarian friendly.


With changing habits as more people gain awareness of what they consume - for example paying top dollar for imported flavoured water, with as much as 90g/Litre of sugar in, more people are realising that Red Bank's Cider is a refreshing natural alternative to artificial sweeteners (even in "craft" cider) bright colours and sugar loaded beverages!

Of course, nobody likes the ill effects of a few drinks, so it's good to know that our craft ciders are naturally free from artificials and will have customers coming back for more!

Whilst many mass produced drinks can be bought everywhere Red Bank Cider is a premium fresh pressed whole juice product which allows you to gain a unique customer liking, and because its so delicious people tell their friends!


Customer comments include remarks such as "I'd go out more if they served this in my pub!" "it tastes like wine" or "it tastes a lot better than...".

Check out what customers think at UNTAPPD.COM Red Bank Cider - Over 300 Customer Reviews


Simpy ask all your customers to try a free taster whilst they wait for their usual offering! You'll be surprised how well received it is!

FRESH is always BEST!

As a craft cider wholesaler, Red Bank Cider draught cider is made FRESH to order - straight out of the vat so it tastes far fresher than if its been sat in a warehouse or van going round the country! We also supply popular bottled fruit combo flavoured ciders - with a sparkle which the younger drinkers love!

We also have a range of "promotional's" from drinks coasters to 'table talkers', posters, pull up banners and A-boards available. We're happy to bring some tasters and come and talk with your customers on "Meet the Cider Producer" events etc.


Craft cider and beer is fast becoming the biggest growth area. Red Bank Cider gives you the opportunity to increase SALES in the GROWING MARKET for REAL CIDER! Also if you are running a festival don't worry about over ordering or running out, we are in a unique position as a real cider wholesaler and producer to do sale or return!

It's a win - win! Gaining a 'unique like' with Red Bank leads to more SALES, GREATER MARGIN, increased customer loyalty.

For all your wholesale cider and festival needs - call Lee Thorne now on 01204 402222

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