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Vintage Dry 500ml x 3 Bottles - Low Sugar

Vintage Dry 500ml x 3 Bottles - Low Sugar

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Traditional Strong Vintage Dry Real Cider 7.8% 500ml x 3 Bottles

Crafted traditionally this is our strongest, genuinely dry cider - full of whole apples and "still" like wine!

Contains no artificial colours or flavourings - just apples!
No artificial sweetners such as Sucralose, Splenda, Aspartame which are used by some producers.
Very low sugar
Low/zero sulphites
Low in fizz & acidity - There is just a minimal sparkle due to bottling and bottle conditioning.

Red Bank Vintage Dry Cider is a "whisky" dryness and is popular with dry cider drinkers - this cider often makes it's way to Somerset!


Check out this YOU TUBE Video Red Bank Cider - Vintage Dry - Review by Chris from formerly Crafty Ales


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If you enjoy really dry cider we can do 4.9L Draught Boxes "Straight out the cask" just drop us a message.
The full nutritional analysis of Red Bank Cider's Vintage Dry Cider 7.8% is provided in our Nutrition Section.
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