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Real Ales in a bottle - 500ml x 3 Bottles

Real Ales in a bottle - 500ml x 3 Bottles

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Locally crafted by Brightside in Radcliffe, Bury, these premium craft ales are very smooth and refreshing!

Mix of 500ml x 3 Bottles - one of each beer - Topaz, Odin, Skyline

Topaz Single Hop - this delicious single hop IPA showcases the best of the Topaz hop profile. Fresh aromatics, juicy fruit and thirst quenching citrus bitterness balanced with a rich malty bases are a winning combination

B- Side - Has sold out, but don't worry, we've got ODIN instead! Brewed as a refreshing session style ale, it's pale golden colour, with a mild bitterness and vibrant fruit hop. A perfect tribute to the Manchester music scene.

Odin - Brightsides best selling beer in cask is now available in bottles. Odin is a refreshing light bodies pale blonde ale brewed with highly sought after Amarillo, Citra and Summit hops. A great session ale, with a not too bitter, pleasant finish.

Manchester Skyline - this special golden ale boast 6 different malts, which together provide a full flavoured but not overpowering base for New Zealand and American hops. The majority of the hops are added late "in the boil" to keep the bitterness moderate and the floral fruity aromatics fresh!


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Check out independant reviews at UNTAPPD.COM Brightside Brewing

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