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Amarello Cherry Cider 4.9 Litres

Amarello Cherry Cider 4.9 Litres

Ref: AMC01


NEW! Amarello Cherry Flavoured Cider - Proper Cider 4.9 Litres 4% ABV

Enjoy the taste of our newest combination - Amarello Cherry Cider !

A quality cider with an Italian twist! This cider is crafted with our award winning Autumn Orchard traditional cider with a natural twist of Morello cherry with the subtle flavour of Amaretto almonds! Its a delightfully refreshing medium cider with none of the sugary cloying taste often associated with big brand ciders.

The name "Amarello" is derived from the Italian word "amaro." It means "bitter" and is often used to describe bitter aperitifs and digestifs. This cider also has a slight bitterness associated with Amaretto almonds, you might detect notes of apricots! The suffix "etto" in Amaretto adds "little" to the definition, so "amaretto" is often interpreted as "little bitter."

From a traditional cider drinkers perspective, its quite moreish!

Limited Edition Boxes - also available in cans

This cider comes in a 4.9L box - so don't forget to Mix and match - great for sharing or for a party!
It doesn't cost any extra to deliver a 2nd & 3rd box of ANY cider ordered at the same time - ideal for a party or maybe a box for a friend!
Choose from 5 Star rated fruit berry ciders including Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, or traditional Perry, or Autumn Orchard ciders!

Trip Advisor - 5 Star Review "Red Bank's Cider is amazing.... the new mango cider is so refreshing... delicious!"

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly


This Product does not contain any of the following allergens:-

Celery and products thereof - No
Crustaceans and products thereof - No
Eggs and products thereof -No
Fish and products thereof - No
Cereals containing gluten ( i.e. wheat, rye,
barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised
strains) and products thereof - No
Lupin and products thereof - No
Milk and products thereof (including lactose) - No
Molluscs and products thereof - No
Mustard and products thereof - NNo
Nuts i.e. Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Cashew, Pecan nut, Brazil nut, Pistachio nut, Macadamia nut and Queensland nut and products thereof - No
Peanuts and products thereof - No
Sesame seeds and products thereof - No
Soybeans and products thereof - No

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