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Autumn Orchard Proper Cider 4.9L Bronze Award Winner

Autumn Orchard Proper Cider 4.9L Bronze Award Winner

Ref: AOPC5l


Autumn Orchard Proper Cider 4.9 Litres (8.6 pints) Medium - excellent value boxes - only £2.55 a pint!

Autumn Orchard is a rich smooth tasting cider - crafted traditionally our locally crafted cider is 'Still' like a glass of wine and contains no artificial colours or flavourings.

With such an exceptional flavour, this cider is also great for cooking!

"Still" like wine
Low/Zero Sulphites
Not from processed concentrate
Made from freshly pressed whole English apples

Mix and match - great for a party!

It doesn't cost any extra deliver a 2nd & 3rd box of ANY cider ordered at the same time - ideal for a party or maybe a box for a friend!
Choose from 5 Star rated fruit berry ciders including Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, or traditional Perry, or Autumn Orchard ciders!

Taste the difference!

CAMRA North UK SILVER Award Winner 2020
CAMRA North UK Bronze Award Winner 2015
Cider of the Festival 2013

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