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Apple & Mango Fruit Cider 4.9 Litres

Apple & Mango Fruit Cider 4.9 Litres

Ref: Mgo1


NEW! Apple & Mango Fruit Cider - Proper Cider 4.9 Litres 4% ABV

Naturally refreshing great tasting medium cider, nicely balanced, not too sweet - and no sticky or artificial sweeteners!

If you love the natural taste of fruit then this has it! A whole freshed pressed MANGO in every 4.9L box!

Mix and match - great for a party!

It doesn't cost any extra to deliver a 2nd & 3rd box of ANY cider ordered at the same time - ideal for a party or maybe a box for a friend!
Choose from 5 Star rated fruit berry ciders including Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, or traditional Perry, or Autumn Orchard ciders!

Trip Advisor - 5 Star Review "Red Bank's Cider is amazing.... the new mango cider is so refreshing... delicious!"


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